TAG's Big 5

The TAG’s Big 5 keeps focus on our approach to managing the Military Department. When in doubt, check the Big 5.

 An agile, transparent team with high standards

Embrace change: build and maintain open and honest people focused systems; zero tolerance for harassment in any form, inclusive team where all members have value
​ ​​Diversity of capability, people and thought

Teams made up of members that can respond to the full spectrum of requirements; a workforce that represents the communities we serve, with opportunities available for those who display the leadership, tenacity and skill needed for our success.
 High levels of individual and team preparedness

Invest in individual training and capabilities, enabling a world-class team of highly proficient individuals.
​ ​Continuous improvement

Processes and systems that provide leading indicators; integrate quality in all we do, ensuring consistent positive outcomes for our team members and our federal and state partners.
​ ​Comprehensive communication and coordination

Constant vertical and horizontal communication and coordination between the Military Department and the subordinate elements, as well as key federal [Government, state agencies and emergency managers] stakeholders .