The Adjutant General’s Philosophy

Philosophy: This philosophy will serve as the foundation for how we work together to develop the Military Department into a highly responsive and competent team capable of meeting the needs of our state and nation.

Mission: Ready to respond to support requirements of our State and Nation with a highly qualified team of service members, civilians and volunteer force.

Vision: A transparent, agile and diverse organization providing a wealth of capabilities for the defense of our nation, support to our state; creating resiliency in our communities and strengthening our team by supporting its members and their families.

3D’s Diversity of Thought-Diversity of Capability-Diversity of People/Culture: The Military Department is as diverse as the communities we serve. This diversity is our greatest strength, enabling a level of excellence unmatched by any other organization. I expect leaders, mentor, and team members to embrace the 3 D’s and seek out opportunities to leverage them to enhance our abilities to meet our goals and objectives.

Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence: Winning teams are committed to excellence and are unwilling to compromise quality. I will ask each of you to join me in developing the Military Department into a championship team of high caliber performers. Each member brings unique skills and I am counting on each of our capabilities to create and sustain a culture of constant improvement. Share experiences, and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo.

Community Involvement / Volunteerism: The mark of any great organization is how it adds value to its community. I look to our team members to take their experience and capabilities and create opportunities for our fellow Marylanders. The best measure of our success is our investment in the future leaders of tomorrow. The Maryland Military Department has ample opportunities to provide mentorship (Challenge Program, Youth Camp) and volunteer, passing to the next generation the opportunities provided to each of us.

The Good, the Bad and the Non-Negotiable: Below is a basic guide for our organization culture and provides my expectations for what right looks like.

The Good The Bad The Non-Negotiable
-Positive Attitude
-Being responsive
-Communication up, down across
-Contributes to team
-Reward the deserving
-Set the example-everyday, everywhere
-Taking responsibility
-Being present
-Being accountable  
-Sugar coating bad news
-Being late
-Big egos not being a team player
-Spreading rumors
-Partial truths
-Back stabbing/passive aggressive
-Missing deadlines
-Making excuses
-Sexual Harassment/Assault
-Conduct unbecoming
-Violence of any kind
-Alcohol/drug abuse
-Not communicating
-Hoarding information

The Future is Ours: It is an honor to continue to serve with you. We have a bright future filled with amazing opportunities that will require us to think in new ways, and embrace change. “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” (John F. Kennedy) I have faith in each of you to meet the challenges in the coming years.

The TAG’s Big 5: The TAG’s Big 5 keeps focus on our approach to managing the Military Department. I expect our team members to print this and post it prominently in the workspace as a quick reference. When in doubt, check the Big 5.