Policies and Regulations


 Policies and Regulations

Policy Letters
PGL-1 Human Resource Office (HRO) Publications (Army & Air)
PGL-4 Supervisory Certification of Position Descriptions (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors - Army Only)
PGL-5 Temporary Interim Technician Appointments and Extensions - MDARNG Technicians (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors - Army Only)
PGL-6 Processing of Reassignments and Promotions of Military- Technicians and AGR Personnel - Military Compatibility (Full-time Support Managers/Supervisors –Army & Air)
PGL-7 Standards of Conduct for Maryland National Guard Full-Time Personnel Technician / AGR (Full-time Support Managers/Supervisors Army & Air)
PGL-10 Guide for Supervisor's Work Folder (Full-time Support Managers/Supervisors (Army & Air)
​​PGL 11 Within-Grade Increases Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors advisors (Army & Air)​
​​PGL-14 Civilian Medical/Dental Treatment for Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Title 32 USC 502 (f) Soldiers Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors (Army Only)
PGL-15 Leave and Pass Policy Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors (Army Only)
PGL-17 Control of TDY Travel and Per Diem Costs (ARNG & Technicians/AGR) (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors - Army & Air)​​
PGL-18 Technician Death Benefits - Survivor Benefit/Lump-Sum Payment (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors - Army & Air)
PGL-19 Utilization/Duty Hours and Release from Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Status (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors Army & Air)
PGL-20 Military Technician Pay (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors Army & Air)
PGL-22 Attendance and Leave Military Technicians Maryland National Guard (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors Army & Air)
PGL-25 Wearing of the Military Uniform by Military Technicians (Full-Time Support Technicians Army & Air
PGL-28 Guidance on Trial/Probationary Periods for Technicians (Army & Air)
PGL-29 Effective Date of New-Hire Appointments (Technician & AGR) Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors (Army & Air)
PGL-31 Maryland National Guard Technician Light Duty Program (Full-Time Managers/Supervisors Army & Air)
PGL-33 Purpose and Guide for the Individual Development Plan (IDP) (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors Army & Air)
PGL-34 Orientation and Sponsorship of New AGR Soldiers Full-Time (Support Managers/Supervisors Army Only)
PGL-35 Request for AGR Promotion - Officer/Enlisted (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors Army Only)
PGL-36 Maternity Care Profiling and Counseling of Pregnant Service Members (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors Army Only)
PGL-38 AGR - Army Physical Fitness Program Requirements (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors -Army Only)
PGL-40 Assignments/Reassignments and Utilization of Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Soldiers Maryland Army National Guard (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors-Army Only)
PGL-41 Technician Voluntary Requests for Change to Lower Grade (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors -Army & Air)
PGL-42 Command/Leadership Assignments Policies and Procedures (Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors - Army Only)
PGL-43 Retirement from the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program (Officer/Enlisted Full-Time Support Managers/Supervisors - Army Only)
PGL-44 Advertising Maryland Air National Guard Full-Time Support Positions Technician and/or Active Guard Reserve (Full-Time Support Managers/ Supervisors - Air Only)

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