DOIM Helpdesk


How to Request MD Network Account Access

You MUST HAVE A Guard Knowledge Online (GKO) account in order to complete this request! If you don't have a GKO account please click here:

Step (1) Training: All personnel must successfully complete DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training. You MUST take the training AND score a 70% or greater on the IA Awareness Exam. Please visit the Save all Training Certificates as Lastname.Firstname (Doe.John)

Step (2) Milconnect: Go to Milconnect, and ensure all your contact information is up to date andcorrect. Youu must use your CAC to sign in. Once you sign in, go to My Profile, go to update and view profile information. Please take note of your ENTERPRISE USERNAME.

Step (3) Network Request on GKO: Please log on to MDGKO G6 Page, (CAC access) and Fill out the Network Request form and attach all training certificates to the request.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your request to be processed. For any questions or concerns, please call 410-702-9600 for help.