Public Affairs Office (PAO)

The Maryland National Guard Public Affairs Office fulfills the military’s obligation to keep the American people and the Maryland National Guard informed. We will use all available media while supporting the adjutant general in setting the conditions that lead to confidence in the Maryland National Guard and its ability to conduct operations.

 MD National Guard Social Media Profiles:

If your unit/servicemember(s) have a newsworthy event or interesting story request public affairs support using this form: Request Public Affairs Support

AR 360-1, Chap. 5, Section 8:
d. The PA is authorized to take news-related photographs only. Using PA resources to take photographs for promotion boards, ceremonies, changes of command, or social events that are not newsworthy is inappropriate. Coordinate with your Unit Public Affairs Representative to support those missions.

Maryland National Guard Public Affairs Office
Fifth Regiment Armory
29th Division St.
Baltimore, MD 21201