Current Open Positions

10th Medical Regiment S1 Admin Personnel Officer

The Personnel/Administration Officer handles all matters regarding personnel and administration in the 10MEDREG. The S1 is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources (military and civilian), which include personnel readiness, personnel services, and headquarters management.

The S1 Personnel/Admin Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining policy files of the commander / higher headquarters and current MDDF and 10th MEDREG SOP.
  • Maintaining personnel records to provide the commander with essential information including personnel readiness, training records, certification and licensure requirements, personnel strength, deployment, morale, and recruiting activities.
  • Maintaining the MDDF time-keeping records of the 10th MEDREG in conjunction with the D1
  • Recommending and coordinating assignments, recruitment activity, and personnel issues affecting the S1
  • Coordinating with the D1 regarding recruitment, processing, integration, and orientation of MDDF applicants and IET Cadets who will be assigned to the 10th MEDREG.
  • Coordinating deployment data with the D8 for financial accountability
  • Coordinating procurement, storage, issue, and distribution of equipment in the S1.
  • Supporting assigned, attached, or OPCON units or individuals under the supervision of a particular staff section (such as with administration, shelter, food, and supplies).
  • Acting as a staff advisor for assigned, attached, supporting, or OPCON units or personnel in the S1
  • Monitoring the maintenance, personnel, and equipment status within the S1 and advising the commander and responsible staff.
  • Organizing and supervising sub elements in the S1.


  • Must have postgraduate training or degree and relevant experience in fields of health care, public health, health care administration, personnel administration, or health professional education.
  • Familiarity with military and civilian medical interface, particularly in DSCA or disaster operations is desired.
  • Must be at least MEMS Senior qualified (may obtain within six months of appointment).
  • Computer competency in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent speaking and writing skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, priorities, and personnel to achieve mission objectives
  • Experience in civilian and military writing

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