Health Care for Heroes FAQs


1. Are Service Members employed by the State of MD eligible for the Reimbursements?

A. Yes. If the service member is an active MDNG member and enrolled in Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) or Tricare Dental Program (TDP), they are eligible for reimbursement(s) with proper proof of payment(s).

2. What documents are acceptable for proof of enrollment in Tricare Reserve Select when enrolling?

A. A dated Tricare Reserve Select or Dental Program enrollment letter.

B. An up-to-date Insurance Card

C. An up-to-date account statement showing the name of ownership.

3. Are W-9 Forms required to be submitted w/ signature(s)?

A. No. Only if a change of address is needed to be submitted to the General Accounting Division by the HCfH Program Officer when the address on the W-9 does not match the address in the Financial Management Information System (FMIS), a GAD 710 form, an address verification such as a bill, and a signed W-9 with the address matching the billed address must be submitted to GAD on the behalf of the service member

4. When requesting reimbursement(s), what documents are acceptable for proof of payment?

A. A bank statement showing the service member's name, date, and payment amount (highlighted) made for each month.

B. A credit card statement showing the service member's name, date, and payment amount (highlighted) made for each month.

5. Are Tricare Dental Premiums acceptable for reimbursements?​

A. All Tricare Dental Premiums are acceptable for reimbursement(s).

6. Can payments in advance be submitted before the month is paid?

A. No, because the system is run on a month-to-month basis. The state can only reimburse premiums in the month they were paid for.

7. Can service members return to the same application to add documents?

A. No. The portal has been set up to avoid duplications so documents cannot be added to a completed Reimbursement application. The service member must start a new application to include an additional document.

8. What are the working numbers to reach the HCfH staff?

A. You can reach Pete Kriscumas, Program Manager, @ 667-296-3560, or Schanell Hurt-Franklin, Program Officer, @ 667-296-3561 during the business hours of Mon.-Fri. 8 am-4:30 pm.

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