The Adjutant General’s Philosophy


Protect and assist the citizens of Maryland at a moment’s notice while we fight and win our nation’s wars on the ground, in the air, and in the intelligence, information, and cyber domains.


Execute our state and federal mission with overwhelming effectiveness by sustaining an organization that values competence, strong leadership, and teamwork while providing its members personal growth and a higher sense of purpose.​ 


The health of our people serving is a top priority

Every great organization becomes great by ensuring the people who serve it are well cared for. Our soldiers, airmen, civilians, and family members deserve that type of care. Each one of our people will be treated with dignity and respect at all times and in all situations. We will continue to ensure that our team is in good mental, physical, medical, and spiritual condition.

Retention of our current force is key

We need to keep our teammates on the team by allowing them to succeed and thrive.

Autonomy: We need to give our teammates a job to do, provide guidance, and let them figure out how to do it.
Mastery: We need to give them opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Purpose: We need to give them important, meaningful missions. 

Readiness of our entire force is necessary

Our leaders have a sacred obligation to build cohesive teams that are trained, disciplined, and able to accomplish their missions. We must be ready to defeat any threats. From deployments to foreign shores to defeat any adversary, to the defense of the cyber domain, to the immediate response to natural disasters: our Guard is always ready and always there.

Recruiting is everyone’s job

We must continue to grow the force in order to meet our readiness objectives. Recruiting is a team effort. We are all recruiters and growing the force is our duty.