Substance Abuse Program

Mission Statement
The mission of the Maryland Substance Abuse Program (SAP) is to increase the readiness and resiliency of Soldiers and Families through:

  • Education and Training – Provide prevention education and training to Soldiers and command.
  • Early Identification – Assist in the identification of users through drug testing, medical evaluation, screening, investigation, apprehension or self-referral.
  • Risk Reduction – Compile, analyze and assess behavioral risks to identify trends and units with high-risk profiles. Provide methods to eliminate or mitigate risks.
  • Deterrence – Help units initiate smart testing and advise Soldiers of command policies.
  • Screening and Self-Assessment – Provide screening and self-assessment tools to Soldiers to evaluate their own risk.
  • Rehabilitation – SAP is not a treatment provider, but helps Soldiers find approved treatment facilities around where they live to ensure successful completion of rehab.
  • Targeted Intervention – Provide educational and motivation program which focuses on the adverse effects

Limited Use Policy
Encourages service members to self-refer for substance abuse. Commanders are not required to initiate separation actions on soldiers who self-refer.

Limits the negative consequences that can be taken against a service member who self-refers and admits drug use or alcohol abuse.
Protects the service member from charges of admitted use and prohibits the use of certain types of urinalysis test results in courts-martial, UCMJ, or for an unfavorable characterization of service. These results are protected evidence.
Is not a “Get out of Jail Free Card” for a unit urinalysis. Once a service member is notified of a urinalysis, it is too late to self-refer.

MDNG Substance Abuse Prevention Policy
Army Regulation 600-85
Drug Abuse Policy
Drug Testing Policy
DUI or DWI Policy
Holiday Guidance for MDNG Personnel

MD ARNG Su​bstance Abuse Prevention Team 

Alcohol and Drug Control Officer

Joy Ashcraft
Office: 410-576-6159
Prevention Coordinator
Lisbeth Lowe
Office: 410-576-6198
Drug Testing Coordinator
SFC Eli Blagg
Office: 410-576-6005