Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Our mission is to provide Service Members and their Families and Supporters with services, proactive outreach opportunities, reintegration and communication skills throughout each phase of their deployment cycle. It is our vision to have the DoD Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program provide support and communications to each member of the Maryland National Guard, regardless of their service affiliation and open doors to other branches too.

When it comes to the deployment phase, we strive to be there from beginning to end, from dusk to dawn, through smiles and frowns. The intent of the program is to prepare National Guard and Reserve members and their families for deployment; sustain their families during deployment; and reintegrate Service Members with their families, communities and employers upon re-deployment or release from active duty in various fun-filled ways.

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program helps Service Members and their Families navigate the numerous Department of Defense (DoD), Veterans Affairs and state systems to ensure they receive information and assistance regarding all the skills, benefits and entitlements with an interactive, integrating experience. The full scope of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is beyond an easily presentable list.

Visit the National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program website for additional information.

Event Timeline
Pre-Deployment Events
Pre-deployment events are designed to prepare the service member and their family and friends for all aspects of deployment; emotionally, financially, organizationally, beneficially, etc. Yellow Ribbon provides you with briefings that contain up-to-date information on how your benefits will change as you convert to Active Duty status, and how you can take advantage of them during this process. It will also connect you with points of contact to retrieve details, get questions answered and gain clarification on the process and programs available. We pride ourselves on making it a joyful experience for all attendees and look forward to servicing you!

During Events
This event provides information for Family Members while the Service member is deployed and can also concentrate on the upcoming reunion. It is designed to maintain a connection with Family Members and to assist them in understanding the hardships of deployment and to make available community resources and military resources to support Family Members through the deployment phase.

30-60 Post Deployment Event
This event is intended to provide returning service members and their families information about new benefits they have access to now that they've returned home, as well as information on changes to benefits they had while they were deployed. Additionally, subject matter experts help service members and their supporters reconnect, and provide information on assimilating experiences from their deployment in a positive manner. Time is spent on reconnecting service members and families, and time is provided with subject matter experts to discuss continuing or developing issues following deployment.

Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) Event
The Phase III Post-Deployment Event is the 90 day Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA). Soldiers are evaluated for any medical conditions that may have occurred during deployment and are registered with the Veterans Administration for future medical benefits. 

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