DMIL Forms and Policy Letters

This page allows access to many forms and policy letters used by the Maryland Military Department. Most are in PDF format. Please see the Contact Information page for fax numbers and mailing address.

- Corporate Purchasing Card Program -

Document Date Added
Attachment H Purchasing Card Program Manual.docAttachment H Purchasing Card Program Manual.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit A (1) Travel Account Holder Agreement.docCPC Exhibit A (1) Travel Account Holder Agreement.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit A Cardholder Agreement.docCPC Exhibit A Cardholder Agreement.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit B (1) Travel Account Application.docCPC Exhibit B (1) Travel Account Application.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit B Cardholder Application.docCPC Exhibit B Cardholder Application.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit C Cardholder Information Maintenance Form.docCPC Exhibit C Cardholder Information Maintenance Form.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit D Dispute Form.docCPC Exhibit D Dispute Form.doc 9/02/2015
CPC Exhibit E Card Activity Log.xlsxCPC Exhibit E Card Activity Log.xlsx 9/02/2015
  CPC Exhibit L Surcharge Fees.docxCPC Exhibit L Surcharge Fees.docx 9/02/2015

  - Finance -

Document   Date Added
Financial Status Report.pdfFinancial Status Report.pdf 8/25/2011 
Individual Req for Out of State Travel.pdfIndividual Req for Out of State Travel.pdf 8/25/2011
Morale and Welfare Fund Request.pdfMorale and Welfare Fund Request.pdf 3/12/2013


  - Payroll -

Document Date Added
Blank Timesheet.pdfBlank Timesheet.pdf 11/09/2011
Timesheet Procedures.pdfTimesheet Procedures.pdf 11/09/2011

- Personnel -

Document Date Added
DBM Forms Page 4/21/2015
Accident 1 Reporting Worksheet.docxAccident 1 Reporting Worksheet.docx 4/21/2015
Accident 2 When an Injury Occurs Form.pdfAccident 2 When an Injury Occurs Form.pdf 4/21/2015
Accident 3-5 Investigation Forms.pdfAccident 3-5 Investigation Forms.pdf 4/21/2015
Accident 6 Acord MD Auto Accident form.pdfAccident 6 Acord MD Auto Accident form.pdf 4/21/2015
Accident 7 Fed Accident Form SF 91.pdfAccident 7 Fed Accident Form SF 91.pdf 4/21/2015
Accident 8 Job Analysis Form.pdfAccident 8 Job Analysis Form.pdf 4/21/2015
Accident 9 Leave Medical Treatment Form.pdfAccident 9 Leave Medical Treatment Form.pdf 4/21/2015
Accident 10 Medical Travel Expense Form 04 52 01.pdfAccident 10 Medical Travel Expense Form 04 52 01.pdf 4/21/2015
Acting Capacity Pay Request Form MS345.xlsActing Capacity Pay Request Form MS345.xls 8/25/2011
Addres Verification.pdfAddres Verification.pdf 8/25/2011
Appeal and Grievance Form.docAppeal and Grievance Form.doc 8/25/2011
Authorization to Release Information Form.pdfAuthorization to Release Information Form.pdf 8/25/2011
Acronyms.pdfAcronyms.pdf 4/07/2015
Data Security and Right to Inspect Personnel Records.pdfData Security and Right to Inspect Personnel Records.pdf 5/29/2015
EEO Sttructured Interview Guidelines Fair Practice.docEEO Sttructured Interview Guidelines Fair Practice.doc 9/28/2011
EEO Structured Interview Guidelines I.docEEO Structured Interview Guidelines I.doc 9/28/2011
EEO Structured Interview Guidelines I-A.docEEO Structured Interview Guidelines I-A.doc 9/28/2011
EEO Structured Interview Guidelines II-A.docEEO Structured Interview Guidelines II-A.doc 9/28/2011
EEO Structured Interview Guidelines II-B.docEEO Structured Interview Guidelines II-B.doc 9/28/2011
EEO Structured Interview Guidelines Sample Rating.xlsEEO Structured Interview Guidelines Sample Rating.xls 9/28/2011
Emergency Essential Employee Acknowledgement.pdfEmergency Essential Employee Acknowledgement.pdf 9/28/2011
Hiring Freeze Exception Form Multiple.docHiring Freeze Exception Form Multiple.doc 4/07/2015
Hiring Freeze Exception Form Single.docHiring Freeze Exception Form Single.doc 4/07/2015
Intent To Fill Form.docIntent To Fill Form.doc 8/25/2011
MilDep St Emp Inct Awds Nom Form.pdfMilDep St Emp Inct Awds Nom Form.pdf 4/07/2015
OT Fm for Cash Ot Employees.pdfOT Fm for Cash Ot Employees.pdf 8/25/2011
PersonalInfoChangeForm.pdfPersonalInfoChangeForm.pdf 03/28/2012
Personal Services Contract.docxPersonal Services Contract.docx 5/26/2015
Position Description Form Instruction MS21.docPosition Description Form Instruction MS21.doc 8/25/2011
Position Description Form MS22.docPosition Description Form MS22.doc 8/25/2011
Reclass Supervisory Questionnaire MS 44 Revised May 2014.docReclass Supervisory Questionnaire MS 44 Revised May 2014.doc 5/08/2014
Reclass Request Form MS2024.docReclass Request Form MS2024.doc 5/20/2014
TaskAnalysisForm (Sample).docTaskAnalysisForm (Sample).doc 3/26/2013
Training Form Inservice.docTraining Form Inservice.doc 6/16/2015
Training Form Outservice MS-551.docTraining Form Outservice MS-551.doc 6/15/2015
PEP Non-Supervisory Employee Form.xlsPEP Non-Supervisory Employee Form.xls 5/31/2016
PEP Supervisory Employee Form.xlsPEP Supervisory Employee Form.xls 5/31/2016

- Purchasing and Contracting -

Document Date Added
Attachment B MILDEP State Requistion- Aug 2015.xlsAttachment B MILDEP State Requistion- Aug 2015.xls 9/02/2015
Attachment C TSR form.pdfAttachment C TSR form.pdf 9/02/2015
Attachment D travelformx3a.pdfAttachment D travelformx3a.pdf 9/02/2015
Attachment E Out Service Training form.docAttachment E Out Service Training form.doc 9/02/2015
Attachment F PO written Determination form.dotxAttachment F PO written Determination form.dotx 9/02/2015
Attachment G Phone Bid Form.xlsxAttachment G Phone Bid Form.xlsx 9/02/2015

- Regulation / Policy Letter -

Document Date Added
DBM Policies Page 5/21/2015
Accident Report Policy.pdfAccident Report Policy.pdf 5/21/2015
Active Military Duty FAQ Oct 2014.pdfActive Military Duty FAQ Oct 2014.pdf 6/16/2015
dev_training_md_emps.pdfdev_training_md_emps.pdf 9/28/2011
EnvPolicyStatement.pdfEnvPolicyStatement.pdf 9/28/2011
Improv_Fiscal_Actvivity_State_CreditC.pdfImprov_Fiscal_Actvivity_State_CreditC.pdf 3/12/2013
Incentive Awards Reg.pdfIncentive Awards Reg.pdf 9/28/2011
IT equipment and electronic communications policy.pdfIT equipment and electronic communications policy.pdf 7/02/2015
MDARNG Reg 200-1.pdfMDARNG Reg 200-1.pdf 9/28/2011
MILDEP Procurement Authority.pdf 4/18/2016
mobile devices and services policy.pdfmobile devices and services policy.pdf 9/02/2015
proc_release_state_emp.pdfproc_release_state_emp.pdf 7/02/2015
Procurement Policy 14 August 2015.pdfProcurement Policy 14 August 2015.pdf 7/02/2015
program_equity_policy_letters.pdfprogram_equity_policy_letters.pdf 9/28/2011
Reclassification and Acting Capacity Requests.pdfReclassification and Acting Capacity Requests.pdf 9/02/2015
Reg 5-20 IT Telecommunications Management.pdfReg 5-20 IT Telecommunications Management.pdf 4/02/2015
sick_leave_guidelines.pdfsick_leave_guidelines.pdf 9/28/2011
structured_interview_guidelines.pdfstructured_interview_guidelines.pdf 9/28/2011
substance_abuse_policy.pdfsubstance_abuse_policy.pdf 9/28/2011
Tag letter August 18 2015.pdfTag letter August 18 2015.pdf 9/28/2011

 - Archives -

Document Date Added
Req Service Documents - RELATIVE 29 June 2016.pdfReq Service Documents - RELATIVE 29 June 2016.pdf 6/29/2016
Req Service Documents INDIVIDUAL 29 June 2016.pdfReq Service Documents INDIVIDUAL 29 June 2016.pdf 6/29/2016


- Other Forms -

Document Date Added
Acord Automobile Loss Notice.pdfAcord Automobile Loss Notice.pdf 4/14/2015
DMIL Property Form.pdfDMIL Property Form.pdf 8/25/2011
Facilities Work Order.docFacilities Work Order.doc 8/25/2011
Facility Use Information Form.pdfFacility Use Information Form.pdf 8/25/2015
Motor Vehicle Accident Report SF 91.pdfMotor Vehicle Accident Report SF 91.pdf 4/14/2015
Travel Form.pdfTravel Form.pdf 1/03/2013
Warehouse Requisition Form - Fillable.pdfWarehouse Requisition Form - Fillable.pdf 6/30/2015
Warehouse Requisition Form.pdfWarehouse Requisition Form.pdf 6/30/2015